water dance, woman, dancing, wet, dress, white dress, splash, confident


She drifted there

Buoyantly alone

The water gently caressing the known

Carrying her down the suppressed river

Recollections of her life made her shiver

She arose from her reverie,

Her backside wet from dismay

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The air was frigid

Pungent with must


Lusty ruts


Odors of mold

Dingy confessions

Abandoned and untold

From her bleeding lips

Her wobbly hips

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Naked Frisbee

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to.

I’m currently working on 3 books.

Two are fiction (one is fantasy and the other is a mystery) and one is a memoir of sorts on marriage, well, relationships I suppose I should say.  I focus on the word marriage because I’m married and when I hear the word marriage I tend to think of a stronger desire to make it work and last long term but we all know that is no longer true with the current divorce rate at close to 50% if not higher.  Either way relationships aren’t easy.  They can be but they aren’t always.  Most people feel alone in what they are going through and I’m sure ask themselves the very same questions that I do, that most of you do.  This book is to help them see, you see and I see we aren’t alone.

This book is a combination of fun, seriousness, personal stories, triumphs and tribulations and general insights into life, marriage, relationships and self.  I will try to humor you, enlighten you and show you some lessons I’ve learned that have helped my marriage, my friendships, my mothering and most of all me.

couple, hot, hot couple, florida, marriage, relationship, together, writings of a mrsAlex and I in Florida in April 2014

Here is a small excerpt from the as of yet untitled book….this section is called Frisbee Fun

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